The Greater Noakhali Society USA, Inc Is the leading community based organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnership among Nokhali Peoples; cross communities, community activist, leaders and institution of United States Across the fields of culture, education, activities, policy. Greater Noakhali Society provides insight, general ideas, helps community peoples and promotes collaboration to address present challenge and create a shared future. The greater Noakhali Society USA, Inc was founded in 2003 in Brooklyn, New York. The principle aim is to make platform for Noakhali people to keep communication among themselves. Greater Noakhali Society is a nonpartism, nonprofit organization in New York, United States.

Name: The Greater Noakhali Society USA, Inc, It is a non-profitable and non-political voluntary organization
Address: 118 Beverly Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11218, Tel: 917-544-2142, 347-609-5828, EMAIL:, WEB:
Legal Status: The Society is registered under the Societies Registration Act ............
Territorial Limits: The territorial limit of this Society will cover Greater NOAKHALI District

The primary objectives for which the Society is organized are:

  • to celebrate and promote Bangladeshi culture, heritage and tradition in New York and USA
  • to inspire and engage the younger generations to know more about Bangladeshi culture
  • to invite, inspire and engage people from other cultures to exchange cultural understanding, show tolerance and celebrate each others cultures
  • to recognize elders/families of Noakhali as well as Bangladeshi community
  • to promote the works of the great minds of Bangladesh etc.
  • To encourage and foster a spirit of welfare and understanding among the residents of NOAKHALI irrespective of race, religion or nationality
  • To take an active interest in the overall welfare of the community including but not necessarily limited to civic, recreational, cultural, social, environmental and security aspects of life and living.
  • To unite the residents in bonds of friendship, good fellowship and mutual understanding.
  • To provide a forum for open discussion of all matters of interest to the residents of NOAKHALI people
  • To encourage voluntary social service and to provide a forum for the same
    Mandate For achieving the above objectives, the Society may do any or all of the following:
    Accept donations, gifts, contributions or subscriptions, in cash or in kind from individuals, institutions or companies. Foreign donations may be accepted after complying with laws and rules of the government regulating such matters.
Formation:  The Society was formed with 00000 distinguished persons who are designated as Founding Members of the Society. List of Founding Members are shown under the heading “Members.”

 Membership is open to all residents of Greater NOAKHALI who own either residential property.

There are now the following five categories of members:

  • Life Members: Payment of a one-time fee of $1000 (One thousand) only
  • General Member: property on one-time fee of $500 (five hundred) only

Applicants for membership must be at least eighteen years of age and furnish documentary evidence of residency in NOAKHALI along with proof of identity. No more than two persons can be admitted as members against one piece of address. All categories of members enjoy the same privileges except the right to vote and contest in the EC elections allowed to Life and General Members only.

For more information on members visit Members, Committee section

Other For More Information about Election, financial, Vote etc. please contact us